A bedside table is a must & here are some of my essentials and why you need to have them. I’ve linked where you can find the same or similar pieces to decorate your bedroom to make it chic and cosy.

Bedside Table

A well stocked bedside table shouldn’t only be what you see on shows or in magazines! I think it’s essential to set the mood in your bedroom and to have a few of your essentials by your side.

It all starts with the right bedside table. My bed actually comes with a matching bedside table, but I wanted to break the pattern and was on the look out for one for months. I finally found this chic marble topped one at Home Stop by Shopper’s Stop for a little under Rs.4000 which was a steal. I’ve linked a similar one at the end of the post for just Rs.3799.

Marble Bedside Table

Since it’s not a very large bedside table there are only a few things I can accommodate on it. A must have for me is a tray for all my gold & diamond jewellery. I wear these almost everyday and like to take them all off as soon as I’m home or before I got to bed. I got this Banana leaf platter from Sammsara and it retails for Rs.1199. Besides that I have some of my eos lip balms in a cup from Westside Home that I got for Rs.199. I can’t do without lip balms and religiously use them before I go to bed. I also like to lotion my hand before I go to sleep sometimes so these Nykaa Nail & Hand Cremes are a must right now and I can’t get enough of the pretty packaging.

A scented candle is always a must. The right scent can put you in a great mood and it can be super relaxing! This was gifted to me by my brother ages ago. I unfortunately don’t use these candles as much as I should. But, I can’t not have one on my bedside table regardless. My favourite candles have always been from Bath & Bodyworks which retail for around AED 100 or around $24. Best time to pick them up is when they go on sale for 50% off or they have a buy 1 get 1 free offers often too. I used to get them from either Canada or Dubai, but now that Bath & Bodyworks are in India I can’t wait for them to open up a store in Bangalore too.

A plant is a must have too. If you like flowers you can replace it with that. I do change it when I get sent flowers every now and then. But, a succulent like the one I have is a low maintenance plant to have that adds life to the table without any extra care needed. These succulents can usually be found at any nursery for around Rs.200 – Rs.300. The gold pot is from H&M Home in Dubai since we don’t have a H&M home in India yet, unfortunately.

A lot of the times I’m still in bed while having my morning juice. That’s why I’ve got a set of gold coasters that I picked up from IKEA Dubai. You can keep just one or 2 if you’d like as well.

In this digital age we hardly write anymore be it reminders for ourselves, little notes to our loved ones or anything for that matter, right? That’s why I thought it would be nice to have a tiny notepad by my side in case I want to do that. Like most things I don’t know if or when I will but I like knowing and having it there for whenever I might decide to use it.

So, these are some of my bedside table essentials. Below are links to the products or similar ones in case you’d like to check them out.

Bedside Table

Bath & Body Works 3 wick candle / $24.50

IKEA Glattis Gold Costers / Rs.399

Nykaa Nail & Hand Creme / Rs.275

eos Lip Balm / Rs.679

Sammsara Banana Leaf Platter / Rs.1199

Sammsara Candle Holder / Rs.599

Marble Side Table / Rs.3799

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