Winter Cookbook

It’s still really chilly in Bangalore especially in the evening, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking fashionable while staying warm and cozy, right? That’s why I’ve put together this Winter Lookbook with 5 looks to help you look your best this season!

Forever 21 India has everything from cozy sweatshirts, chic cardigans, must have denim jackets, sweater dresses, the coolest boots & so much more for the winter. You can find everything I’m wearing in stores right now or shop online! They’ve just relaunched their website so all the more reason to go check it out & shop, shop, shop!

The biggest perk of living in India, especially in Bangalore is that even in the winters you can wear dresses with a nice jacket and you won’t end up feeling too cold. For starters, a denim jacket & a light cardigan are must haves for the winter here! There are a bunch of different styles and colours to choose from at any Forever 21 India store or online.

Also, I know we all want to be frugal and shop smart, right? So, make sure to pick up pieces you can transition from Winter to Summer like the jumpsuit i’m wearing or those wide legged trousers. Just take the cardigan off and it’ll be perfect to wear on a nice sunny day too!

I hope all of you like the looks I’ve put together and I can’t wait to see all of you look chic and cozy this winter!



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