The first thing most people do in the morning to really wake themselves up is to have a cup of coffee, right? Since I’m not a coffee person I’ve always been looking for something else to wake me up so I can start my day off well. Thanks to Fiama Scents I’ve found just that! It really uplifts my mood and makes me feel so refreshed in the mornings & that’s exactly why I love using it. There are two variants – Juniper Berries & Geranium and Mimosa & Neroli body washes. Both smell amazing! And did you know they’re made with touch activated fragrance encapsulation technology? That’s what got me really excited when I tried it for the first time. 

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 Also, like me if you don’t really use perfumes regularly but want to smell great for hours this shower gel is perfect because it lasts for around 8 hours after you shower! I can be out shopping, shooting or just be out and about running errands and I still feel so refreshed. Who wouldn’t love that! The awesome micro fragrance capsules are eco-friendly. You guys know how happy that makes me! Those micro fragrance capsules really help invigorate your senses for hours which is amazing! 

Just the other day I was absolutely caught up with work and then had to tell myself to take a 5 minute break to just clear my head. While I was doing that I got a whiff of a lovely scent and that’s when I realized it was Fiama Scents Mimosa and Neroli Body wash that was lingering even though I used it hours ago in the morning. It still smelt so lovely and instantly made me smile and relax. All thanks to that #TouchActivatedFragranceTechnology that gave me that burst of freshness for up to 8 hours! 

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If using Fiama scents is all I need to wake me up in the mornings & to really keep me feeling refreshed for hours, you have no excuse not to want to go get yourself some too! I’m sure you’re going to love them & you too can smell lovely for up to 8 hours! So, #DilKoDeLift & Happy Showering!

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